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As an international student arriving to a new country for the first time, there was no doubt I felt a little lost during the first month of university.

While trying to adapt to a new culture, settling in, and putting my affairs in order, it felt like the time of making friends were limited.

For the most, I am a social person but finding the environment to socialise in was more of the challenge. For the first few days of moving into my accommodation, I still had a week before a formal introductory lesson to the course. So the best place to begin socialising is my flat and neighbours. 

Your home space is the best place to reach out to people. I integrated slowly. I start off with my house mates, and then start talking to my neighbours and eventually friends of friends. 

As a first year, the chances that everyone else is running around trying to make friends are just as high as you are. Everyone else is in the same boat, so take that opportunity to open conversations about your course, about who you are,  and where you come from. 

However, one of best parts about Bournemouth University’s services is the ResLife group. ResLife is designed to help, support and welcome you into the BU community through events in your accommodation.

Although some people may think going to these events by yourself are scary or may not find a particular event interesting, it is one of the best outlets to find people to host conversations with.

I went to several events of ResLife, everything from the first social meet up, to Diwali celebrations and more. It was great, being able to interact with other people that live in the same accommodation. Doing this and exchanging socials started a lot of friendships.

This applies to a multitude of events and social spaces of BU. The student union is also one of the best places to find people. SUBU is a great place to find your community and tap into your interests through clubs, societies, and sport groups so you can interact with those on common ground.

However integrating and settling can be hard and may feel a little lonely, Student Wellbeing is a great service to help you out with this. They are a wonderful team to help assist with homesickness, loneliness or offer advice and support.

Settling in is a process, so take it day by day and conversation by conversation and eventually you will find your comfortable place in uni.

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