The upcoming month of Ramadan

Currently, Muslims around the world are preparing for the annual holy month of Ramadan. This one month long event holds significant importance to the Muslim community. This month Muslims will be fasting, which is a participation of complete abstinence of food, water, and other particular acts. Fasting happens everyday and starts from the break of… Read more »

The Faith and Reflection Team at BU

Upon arrival of my first year, I was very interested in looking at all the services that are provided by the university. Especially the faith clubs, societies and services available. Bournemouth University has a range of faith groups for students of varying practices to attach themselves to. The faith and reflection team and its services… Read more »

My international experience

To be honest, I have been in England for two years studying for my A-levels therefore I didn’t think my life was going to change that much by coming to Bournemouth. But I was wrong!! During my A-levels, I didn’t have a lot of friends because everyone was busy with studying and working. Also being so… Read more »