Your accommodation questions answered

Visit our new webpages to find out how and when to apply for accommodation.  1.     I’ve got BU as my insurance choice, am I able to secure my accommodation now? If you have selected BU as your insurance choice, you will be able to start the application process when you have met the conditions of your offer… Read more » about Your accommodation questions answered

An opportunity to study abroad…

By Michelle Lillywhite 2nd year BU Student, BA (Hons) Social Work When I got the email asking ‘What would you say to a placement in Colombia?’ there was really only one answer – YES! It was however closely followed by – How? That’s when I remembered the BU Global Horizons Fund. You see, BU support… Read more » about An opportunity to study abroad…

Media School Introduce 3 new MA’s

The Media School is launching a new Master’s programme this September, MA Media and Communication.  This will be the first Master’s in the Media School to offer an optional extended industry placement. Students can spend 30 weeks working within the media or communications industry as part of their study.  The School’s placement office, with over… Read more » about Media School Introduce 3 new MA’s

Clubs and Societies- BU Cricket Club

By Carlyle Collins 2nd year BU student, BSc (Hons) Forensic Science After receiving my Fresher’s Guide, I quickly started highlighting the clubs and societies I would love to join when I arrived at Uni. To my surprise, I easily had highlighted about twenty clubs- there were too many to choose from! There wouldn’t be enough time to… Read more » about Clubs and Societies- BU Cricket Club

The Media School

The background The Media School at Bournemouth University offers a full range of media production, journalism and communication, corporate communications and animation courses. For the past 30 years the Media School has been producing successful graduates who have gone on to achieve phenomenal success within the media industry and beyond. The Media School is proud… Read more » about The Media School

Why Choose BU?

By Patricia Obawole 2nd year BU Student, LLB (Hons) Law UNI! UNI! UNI! By now you probably have the word uni spilling out of your ears along with words like “Personal statements,” “UCAS” and “student finance.” However, for some odd, strange reason (which the student population are yet to figure out) you’re still excited. You’re… Read more » about Why Choose BU?

Bournemouth – My First Choice

By Callum Stevens 2nd year BU student, BSc (Hons) Computing I went to many University Open Days and made a list of pros and cons of each University I visited. Choosing which University is for you is an important and personal decision which should not be rushed. When I was looking at Universities that offered my… Read more » about Bournemouth – My First Choice