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We asked our bloggers what their greatest achievement has been this year and we were pretty impressed with their accomplishments!

Chris-Bowditch-iconBeing selected to present a group project in front of industry experts from Hope and Anchor, and then getting to present a different project in front of experts from Channel 4 and My Kinda Crowd.



Jessica-Alexander-iconMy greatest achievement this year, is finishing second year with a 2:1 and achieving 3 firsts. I feel I have a lot more motivation and have learnt lots of new skills for third year.



Alice FiancetGetting 70% in my Global Current Affairs exam! But outside of that, I had the opportunity to interview Kate Nash and get my article published.

Alice - article


Michelle LillywhiteMy greatest achievement this year is quite simple, I’ve completed my  degree and I’m now qualified to practice as a social worker.  I never thought I would ever be able to say something like that but I can now, and it’s something no one can ever take away from me.

(We’ll be sad to see Michelle go, hasn’t she been a brilliant blogger?)


carlyle-mugshotBeing accepted as a summer undergraduate research assistant for a very exciting project has capped a really brilliant year for me. I’ll be contributing to a project – Forensic Footprints – that’s seeking to develop software to help law enforcement officers in the UK and abroad process footprints at crime scenes more easily.



Louis ShermanI have just today got back from a two week trip to Colombia with BU, we were working out there with EAFIT university. It was a great achievement as it lead to travelling alone, a big change for me, as well as achieving some awesome physical and mental goals as well as helping me develop my ideas for future careers.




Ben-Redgell-iconMy biggest achievement this year is getting a first for my second year. I learnt a lot about time management and how to handle group situations in order to get my work completed to a high standard. While it was stressful at times, the hard work paid off and I am looking forward to my placement year and the opportunities it may bring.


Amy-Potts-iconThis year I made a resolution: to blog every day. Some days were certainly harder than others, but with this month’s page views at an all-time record (2,209 and counting) I would call it an unqualified success. And while I might not have written a book this year, in words alone my blog posts more than make up for it.


Ursula-Allam-iconBeing a Student Ambassador not only helped me adapt to various social and professional situations but allowed me to grow as a person. Especially when taking part in the Mentoring programme this year, where I  was mentoring year 10s through career ideas, C.V. creating and informing them of how university takes place.

At times I felt just as mentored as the students, with the sessions giving me an insight into how helping and inspiring younger generations can make a difference to future experiences, both for the students and myself.


Daniella-Conway-iconI would say that my greatest achievement this year would be all the hard work I poured into my exam revision and coursework all while being a student ambassador, which included working with secondary school kids and working at AFC Bournemouth



Gemma-Jewell-iconMy greatest achievement this year is receiving a letter of commendation alongside my end of year results. This letter makes me proud as it represents a year’s worth of hard work.



Now, who’s ready for September?

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