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BA (Hons) Television Production

Gemma-JewellMy summer was spent in the sun, playing games, hiking in the forest, jumping in rivers, rock climbing, horse riding and canoeing. It was spent working with children, watching them learn, laugh, dance and sing. It was spent making friends, meeting new people and doing things I have never done before. My summer was spent with Eurobridge International Summer Camp.

A few months ago I didn’t have much planned for my summer. That was until I received an email from Nick Bamford (Programme Leader of BATV) telling us all about a work placement opportunity in Spain. The email said that Eurobridge summer camp was looking for someone to film and take photographs for their camp – flights, accommodation and food all included! I instantly thought how amazing it would be and sent my CV. Within a few days I was contacted by the Director of Eurobridge International and was invited to fly out to Spain to join the camp!


My role at the camp was to take daily photographs and upload them to Facebook; I also had to film the children doing all their activities to be part of an overall film. I worked across 2 camps in Cazorla, producing a 25 minute video for both. This video was then shown at the end of the camps on parents’ day. I also worked for a short period of time at a camp in Alicante and made shorter highlight videos throughout my time.

Camp-2 Minime

Although I have never directly worked with children before, I found it to be such a fulfilling experience; being able to build relationships and see the children developed over the camp was extremely rewarding. I also got to work alongside exceptionally talented and passionate young people; there was a real team spirit and a continuously great atmosphere around the camp which I loved working in.

In summary, my summer was not only spent having fun but it was also spent doing what I am passionate about and that’s filming and editing. Being referred to as the ‘professional photographer’ and being praised for my videos gave me a huge sense of pride and reassured me that I am on the right path. I love studying Television Production at BU and am so grateful for the opportunities that I have been given!


By Gemma Jewell

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