The final year

When I started out at uni, the thought of being in final year seemed really distant and like I didn’t need to think about it, but (not meaning to scare you) it comes around a lot quicker than you think. Whether you are doing a simple three year course or have the option to do… Read more » about The final year

My greatest achievement this year

We asked our bloggers what their greatest achievement has been this year and we were pretty impressed with their accomplishments! Being selected to present a group project in front of industry experts from Hope and Anchor, and then getting to present a different project in front of experts from Channel 4 and My Kinda Crowd.     My greatest achievement… Read more » about My greatest achievement this year

The Bournemouth Buzz

It should be noted that going out in Bournemouth is like putting on underwear – it’s essential. Whether you like to splash the cash or save your pennies, there is at least one bar or night out that is perfect for you. Almost every bar along ‘the strip’ (also known as Old Christchurch Road) has… Read more » about The Bournemouth Buzz