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Louis ShermanRight now there are some great apps for your smartphone and tablet that make being a student easier and slightly cheaper. Here are some of the best current student-focused apps.


For Bournemouth University there is one application key for students that has to be downloaded instantly. iBU is an easy way to access your timetable, bus timetable, and computer availability on both campuses among many other features. This app makes checking your timetable and lecture locations quick and easy, as well as making getting the bus simple, whether you are in Winton, Lansdowne or at the Talbot campus.



This is another BU exclusive app. iSUBU means you can get special offers on food and drink across the campus, saving you money and making sure you use all the great services SUBU provides.

Microsoft Office Lens

This is a great app for capturing those slides of a lecture that are vital, or may have too much to write down right there. It uses your phone’s camera to capture the screen and makes it readable and easy to interpret no matter where you were sitting during the lecture.


Evernote is a simple app which allows you to type up all your lecture notes and have them ready to edit or look at on any of your other devices; it’s one of the few apps which is available on every phone operating system (yes even Windows!) and can be used from humble cheap smartphone right up to iMacs.


During their time at uni, many students will travel abroad. One of the biggest barriers to travelling abroad is the language, however, with Duolingo this doesn’t have to be such a worry. Duolingo is a simple and easy app that bit by bit helps you learn a variety of languages – I am currently learning Spanish for my placement abroad this summer.

Find my iPhone

One final app, which is important for any student with an iPhone, is ‘Find my iPhone’. Many people loose their phones on a night out and that’s a few hundred pounds lost, just like that. Find my iPhone allows you to track down your iPhone via any other iOS device or through a web browser. Obviously it’s only useful if you have an iPhone, but nonetheless it is a very useful app to have preloaded.


These are six of the key apps I would advise for any student. Apps are simple ways of making uni that tad easier, and each one of these will do that in its own way.

By Louis Sherman

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