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BA (Hons) Sociology & Social Policy

Ursula-1Unsure yet and keeping my options open by continuing to apply for UCAS, it seemed daunting that university could be round the corner.

From what I can remember, when applying for UCAS, I decided on taking a gap year and so deferred my entry for the following year, not knowing this choice was very much temporary!

Saying that, it was one of the best choices I’ve made. Not fully making up my decision to go to university until sitting on a beach during the summer break, was you could say, risky.

However, the relief of knowing I could still go ahead with applying, though late, allowed me to solidify the choice of going to university that same year as well as which course I was hoping to take – this being the main reason I was unsure of uni in the first place!

The Clearing process itself was a lot smoother than I had previously expected. It gave me the confidence of ensuring I still stood a chance of going to one of my chosen universities.

It was then that I made the relevant changes like applying for Student Finance. Even though I was late to apply for this also, it only meant the finance reaching my bank was later than my flat mates’ (which meant a hold-up on the shopping spree)!

Though Student Finance was easy enough, I made sure I rung for help for anything I wasn’t sure of. They were always willing to reassure me on my application and advise me with possible calculations in relation to tuition fees, maintenance loans and grants.


With only the universities of my choice left to call, I ensured I asked questions such as if they offered placements, whether abroad or not, what the duration of the course was if so and if the option to study a language alongside my course was available. UCAS advised I should call the universities on results day – I must have called over 10 that day!

In the end, it appeared that Bournemouth was all round the university for me. The course was the most appealing as well as the placement option and not to mention the welcoming response received from Chris Willetts (currently one of my lecturers).

It has definitely proven to be a better late than never experience!

By Ursula Allam

You can find out more about Clearing on our website.

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