Tips on saving money at uni

Here are Daniella’s top tips for stretching your student budget… Calculating your costs You can do this either monthly or termly, but it is best to calculate how much you will spend on rent, bills, food etc. One way to make sure you stick to your costs if you’re out is to take out what… Read more »

My greatest achievement this year

We asked our bloggers what their greatest achievement has been this year and we were pretty impressed with their accomplishments! Being selected to present a group project in front of industry experts from Hope and Anchor, and then getting to present a different project in front of experts from Channel 4 and My Kinda Crowd.     My greatest achievement… Read more »

My daily routine at university

Daniella Conway tells us about her life as an Accounting and Finance student. 7:30 – Attempt to wake up (and fail). 8:00 – Wake up and get ready for university. 9:20 – Catch the U3 bus into university. I always have a spare 20 minutes or so, so I either go to the library to print off… Read more »

Words of wisdom

Now that I’m a second year student and I successfully conquered my first year at university, I feel like the headmaster of Hogwarts from Harry Potter – very old and very wise! But everyone, at first, feels clueless and not so wise, so here are some things I wish someone had told me before I… Read more »