Why are Open Days important?

If you’re in your last year of college and Bournemouth University is one of your top favs, then I suggest attending one of the University’s undergraduate Open Days. Plenty of time to check out all the wonderful things that BU has to offer. So, the question is, why are these Open Days so important to… Read more »

My summer internship at FourBroadgate

The BA (Hons) English course at Bournemouth University requires all students to do at least a four week placement in their second year over the summer break. So off I set, searching for the perfect summer placement. Originally I wanted a placement in fashion, but after a family friend offered me work at a financial… Read more »

Cooking and fending for yourself

Two of the most important things that come with independence and living away from home are knowing how to cook and learning to fend for yourself and if you’re like me, sometimes this doesn’t always come easy. Many of us are used to our parents preparing and cooking a lovely homemade meal for when we… Read more »

My greatest achievement this year

We asked our bloggers what their greatest achievement has been this year and we were pretty impressed with their accomplishments! Being selected to present a group project in front of industry experts from Hope and Anchor, and then getting to present a different project in front of experts from Channel 4 and My Kinda Crowd.     My greatest achievement… Read more »

Choosing your accommodation

The time has come for you to choose your first year accommodation and like many, you have no idea where you want to stay. Some of you may have flicked through pictures or watched YouTube clips on the university website and seen accommodation that catches your eye. You may have spoken to people who are… Read more »

Revision survival guide

A-level and BTEC exams are fast approaching and I’m sure a lot of you have this revision malarkey well and truly underway. Having taken my A-levels fairly recently, I know only too well how difficult it is to stick to a strict revision routine. That little voice in your head saying “I’ll start tomorrow” plays… Read more »

The BU Community

I like to think of Bournemouth University, not just as a group of buildings where students come to begin a day of learning and head back home again, but a community, which strives for a welcoming, friendly atmosphere – whether it’s your first day as a student or your last. It’s comforting to think of… Read more »

How my first year has influenced me

Going into your first year of University is such a massive leap in life. Household comforts, money in the bank from your Saturday job and the short walk or bus journey to college becomes a million miles from that ‘home sweet home’ environment. You feel like the most grown up person in the world, you… Read more »

Waiting for your application response

You’ve picked BU as one of your favourite universities and you’ve applied for your chosen course. What next? Waiting for your application response from UCAS can be daunting and very nerve racking and all that’s on your mind is whether or not your application was good enough to be accepted. However, remembering that hundreds or… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions

Now that they’re back into the swing of studying, our Undergraduate bloggers tell us their New Year’s resolutions for 2015… Join in the conversation and comment below with your 2015 plans! My New Year’s resolution is to try and be more positive! I’m quite grumpy and often struggle to see the good in situations, so… Read more »