My culture of Eid in Bournemouth

“I really appreciate you bringing me and showing me your culture.” I received this text from my friend shortly after my Eid event and it lit up my day. Eid Al-Fitr has just shortly passed, it is the celebration that followed the month of Ramadan where Muslims around the world fast for a month. As… Read more »

The upcoming month of Ramadan

Currently, Muslims around the world are preparing for the annual holy month of Ramadan. This one month long event holds significant importance to the Muslim community. This month Muslims will be fasting, which is a participation of complete abstinence of food, water, and other particular acts. Fasting happens everyday and starts from the break of… Read more »

International Women’s Day SUBU Event

March 8th is marked as International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate and recognise women and their achievements across the world.  For months prior to this day, SUBU’s Liberation Campaign teams have worked hard to set up the event and find vendors and small businesses to make a presence for the day. Hayley the SUBU… Read more »

Settling in and Support Services: My Experience

As an international student arriving to a new country for the first time, there was no doubt I felt a little lost during the first month of university. While trying to adapt to a new culture, settling in, and putting my affairs in order, it felt like the time of making friends were limited. For… Read more »

The Faith and Reflection Team at BU

Upon arrival of my first year, I was very interested in looking at all the services that are provided by the university. Especially the faith clubs, societies and services available. Bournemouth University has a range of faith groups for students of varying practices to attach themselves to. The faith and reflection team and its services… Read more »

In 2022 I am looking forward to…

As we begin the new year, I have an alternative version of a new years resolution in mind. After years of attempting to set a goal at the start and failing to achieve it, I have instead set a view of what this year is going to look like. Seeing the final destination to where… Read more »

My Student Ambassador Experience

It was the summer before my first year of university in 2019, I received an email on a job position about becoming a student ambassador. It was intriguing and it was exciting to get an opportunity to work, so I decided to apply. Now, three years on I create blog and vlog content, answer questions… Read more »

Running the last lap: Tips for final year

You’ve made it to the final September of your degree. The last months until you hit graduation. The final lap of the race. After the year of lockdown and zoom calls, returning back to everyday life can be very demanding and tiring. Final year is the bittersweet living of wanting to do everything you can… Read more »

One way flight: Look back piece on leaving home

My parents have worked hard to ensure my sisters and I are able to attend university abroad. Growing up and moving out was what we expected. Looking back, it wasn’t until early September when the realisation struck me that I am moving away.  At first it was excitement and joy, being able to start a… Read more »

The first few days: 3 tips to settling in

Moving to university is an entire experience on its own. You have traveled the distance, you have your belongings in bags, and you have just stepped into your accommodation. Now you are here and classes have not yet begun, so you may start to feel the sense of “what now?”  I have personally met an… Read more »

What is Brightspace? A short guide

Brightspace is a tool that you will use daily as a student at BU. Personally, I find that brightspace includes a lot of useful links that help me with my studies. To access your Brightspace and find more information, you can click the link here: Brightspace’s top bar section are one of the most important… Read more »

Three things to focus for the month of deadlines

May is upon us and to most of us this will be a time filled with deadlines and dissertations, exams and preparations. If you are anything like me, I have to battle the stress that comes with it all.  Personally, I am seeing three deadlines and four exams and even the thought of it has… Read more »