Audience response systems: an update

We have been working to provide a facility for all academic staff to have access to an audience response system that can be used in lectures, workshops and seminars to elicit answers to questions, comments, votes, rankings .. etc from the attendees. Having evaluated the many options, we chose TurningPoint as the solution that best… Read more »

An update on audience response systems

Over the last few months, we have been looking into a replacement for the TurningPoint clickers which have been in use for several years at BU.  The clickers are frequently used to gain feedback from students in lectures and seminars based on multiple choice questions embedded into PowerPoint presentations. Almost all of the newer systems… Read more »

What do you need from an audience response system?

Audience Response Systems such as TurningPoint and Mentimeter are being used across the University in the Faculties for teaching and learning and in Professional Services to capture electronic feedback. We are undertaking a review of audience response systems in the next 3 months to determine an appropriate solution for BU. In order to help us… Read more »

Do you use Turning Point or other audience response system?

A joint mini project between the Learning Technologists and CEL is looking into the tools we use to elicit responses from students in class.  These are collectively known as audience response systems and are very useful tools to engage students in a lecture or seminar setting. You may have used or heard about Turning Point… Read more »

TEL Toolkit: TurningPoint

An audience response system which enables your audience to participate in lectures by submitting responses to questions using a small handset. We welcome your feedback and comments on your use of this tool in teaching and learning.