Audience response systems – a further update

A brief update on last week’s post on audience response systems.  The proposal to upgrade our TurningPoint5 solution to TurningPoint8 which can be used by all staff and all students (using their own devices and/or our remaining clickers) was approved by the TEL Steering Forum last week.

The next step is for the proposal to be assessed for suitability and funding.  This review will be undertaken by the Programme Steering Board which next meets on 26 Oct 17.

I will provide a further update after that meeting.

If the proposal goes ahead, we are looking at implementation of the new solution ready for semester 2.

As it is looking more likely that a university-wide solution is possible, expenditure on alternate solutions should be carefully considered.

In the interim, we have the 300 TurningPoint5 clickers that can still be used.  Additionally, you can ask 2 questions per session using Mentimeter’s free licence or Kahoot offers unlimited multiple choice questions (and music!).

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