Do you use Turning Point or other audience response system?

A joint mini project between the Learning Technologists and CEL is looking into the tools we use to elicit responses from students in class.  These are collectively known as audience response systems and are very useful tools to engage students in a lecture or seminar setting.

You may have used or heard about Turning Point (also known as clickers) where students use a small keypad to enter a number or letter that corresponds to a answer to a question embedded in a PowerPoint presentation.

Click here for more information on the two audience response systems currently used in BU:

Audience response systems have developed since we first purchased the Turning Point clickers so we are therefore looking at the best solutions for BU for the future.

If you have used audience response systems or have views on their use, we would be very grateful if you would share your thoughts with us by completing a short feedback form.

We are planning to run a small trial of competing audience response systems during the summer to help us evaluate the options.  If you are teaching in the summer and/or would like to participate in the small trial, please complete the feedback form.

2 Responses to “Do you use Turning Point or other audience response system?”

  1. Gail's avatar Gail

    Clicking above for more information about Turning Point returns a “Survey not found” page.
    No problems with the mentimeter info link 🙂


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