Audience response systems – a further update

In May we asked what you would want from an audience or student response system.  Thank you to everyone who provided feedback to Sue Callard or via the short feedback form.

We are accepting feedback and suggestions until the end of June so if you have any views on these systems that we need to consider, please tell us by using the feedback form.

We are collating the information received so far and deciding which of the many potential solutions to include in the review.  We will look at TurningPoint’s solution which uses the devices of participants rather than designated clickers and are contemplating other solutions including Mentimeter and Kahoot.

One Response to “Audience response systems – a further update”

  1. Jacqui taylor's avatar Jacqui taylor

    Hi Sue and CEL, I used Mentimeter and it was very good (studnets gave v good feedback!) and hope we can adopt it? …I’d like to use it again next year now that I have uploaded my quiz;-)
    Regards, Jacqui


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