service excellence

“I just love what CEL is doing – it isn’t just for academic activities. All of BU would benefit from your talents”

This was the comment from one attendee at last year’s Service Excellence conference.  On the day, CEL hosted a number of tools that can be used not only in teaching and learning but across professional services too.  The tools enable us to improve the quality of services we all provide to our student/clients/consumers. We demonstrated… Read more »

OCULUS RIFT – BU Research student Đỗ Thị Tuyết Ngân present her research at Service Excellence Conference

post by Đỗ Thị Tuyết Ngân, Mobile Game Developer and Research student at Bournemouth University, UK, and Dr Debbie Holley, Deputy Head, CEL As part of an augmented reality/ virtual world ‘Gallery of  Excellence’  at the BU Service Excellence Conference, NU Research student showcased her innovative work. below is her report. Recently, the term “Virtual… Read more »

CEL at the Service Excellence Conference 2016

The Centre for Excellence in Learning (CEL) played an active role during yesterday’s Service Excellence Conference 2016 by hosting a fun session with technology in PG30a. During the afternoon session facilitated by Debbie Holley and other technology experts, several participants had a thrilling experience with Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality Glasses, Google Cardboard, Augmented Reality and Virtual Roller-coasting…. Read more »

Service Excellence Conference – 7 April 2016

The 2016 Service Excellence Conference will take place on Thursday 7 April. At this conference we would like to showcase even more examples of Service Excellence at BU and we need your input to do this. Tell us about your Service Excellence story We know that many exciting things are happening at BU, led by… Read more »

What does service excellence mean to you?

Service Excellence is a key initiative for BU and you will not doubt have seen the name around campus and you may well be planning to attend the annual conference on 7th April so what do you understand by the term, service excellence? Some people link the word service with professional services and think service… Read more »

“How Brilliant Are We?”

An appreciative action research project  – Learning from what works.   An asset based approach to Organisational Change. Last year a research team within CEL  undertook a research project, adapting an  innovative method based on  Appreciative Action Research to learn from staff who have received a SUBU “You’re Brilliant Award”,    what  it  is that makes them… Read more »