Service Excellence Conference – 20th April 2017! A preview for CEL blog readers…

The Average Child

By Mike Buscemi

I don’t cause teacher’s trouble;

My grades have been okay,

I listen in my classes.

I’m in school every day.


My teachers think I’m average;

My parents think so too.

I wish I didn’t know that, though;

There’s lots I’d like to do.


I’d like to build a rocket;

I read a book on how.

Or start a stamp collection ..

But no use trying now.


‘Cause , since I found I’m average,

I’m smart enough to see

To know there’s nothing special

I should expect of me.


I’m part of the majority,

That hump part of the bell,

Who spends his life unnoticed

In an average kind of hell.


I am sure this poem connects with many of us, it did with me!

I am starting this blog with this poem taken from the web site of Sir John Jones, author of the Magic Weaving Business; this poem by Mike Buscemi, sums up what Sir John Jones is all about, his approach, passion, care and commitment to personalisation in education.

Sir John was knighted for his services to education in 2003, and is coming to talk at the Service Excellence Conference, 2017. We are delighted to be welcoming this prestigious speaker and we know that Sir John’s message will be relevant to us all.

Sir John’s message will touch everyone and will resonate particularly with academic staff who see service excellence and the connections we make with our students, as partners in learning, as a key part of BU life.

Inspiring is the only way to describe Sir John – the many testimonials from those who have heard him speak often begin with “ a life changing experience”..

And the testimonials from academic colleagues who have attended previous Service Excellence Conferences often begin with … “Why aren’t more of my colleagues here, I have learned so much…”

Hold the date in your diary now, and look out for the booking pages coming soon on the intranet, or look out for the next instalment of this blog.

See you at the conference – Susanne Clarke – Head of Service Excellence.

3 Responses to “Service Excellence Conference – 20th April 2017! A preview for CEL blog readers…”

  1. Lucy Stainer's avatar Lucy Stainer

    What date is the Service Excellent Conference & where can I seek details?
    With thanks,

  2. Lucy Stainer's avatar Lucy Stainer

    Apologies as just noted date – problem with looking at information on iPad as whole screen not displayed!


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