“How Brilliant Are We?”

An appreciative action research project  – Learning from what works.   An asset based approach to Organisational Change.

Last year a research team within CEL  undertook a research project, adapting an  innovative method based on  Appreciative Action Research to learn from staff who have received a SUBU “You’re Brilliant Award”,    what  it  is that makes them brilliant.   This research is now firmly embedded with CEL and we are in the process of disseminating and publishing our findings from last year and looking to expand this project with your help.      You can find out more from the posters and info-graphic in the CEL room in PH  https://microsites.bournemouth.ac.uk/flie/innovation/appreciative-inquiry/

This year funded by the  BU U/G Research Assistant programme (URAP), Lois Farquharson and Susanne Clarke  are now able to continue the research in partnership with one of our  BU students from the Faculty of Media & Communication – Samantha Everett.

To continue with this project we are now looking for a range of staff across faculties and PS – both academic and professional support staff (including affiliated staff) who have received a You’re Brilliant Award and are willing to take part in this exciting research project.

If you have received a You’re Brilliant award and would like to take part in this research – please get in touch with Susanne Clarke.

Last year we also invited research participants  to events led by the Centre for Excellence in Learning (CEL) and Service Excellence   to tell their story – what they enjoyed about their role, and the values, beliefs and behaviours that made them “brilliant”,   and really so inspiring for staff and a good reason to  CELebrate.

It would also be great to hear from staff about their experience of using appreciative approaches and support with updating an appreciative resource bank for the CEL microsite –  We are growing quite a library of resources and very happy to share – Lois Farquharson and Susanne Clarke, will be taking their “Appreciating Appreciative Inquiry” seminar to the Festival of Learning this year and happy for volunteers to support us with this too.



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