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A report from a student led co-creation project: Pond Simulator

Joshua Thomas-Houlker reports on his co-creation Pond Simulator project with Edina Morris and Will Malkin as student partners and Vicky Isley and Valery Adzhiev as academic partners: At the start of this project I conducted primary and secondary research. I went online and researched games similar to Water Edge and came across 3 different games that stood… Read more »

‘Voices From the Frontline of Homelessness’: An Investigation into The Big Issue’s Creation of Alternative Representations of Homelessness

On the 14th of February 2017, Bournemouth University’s Centre for Excellence in Learning (CEL) in collaboration with the Student Union (SUBU) presented award certificates and prizes to some outstanding undergraduate students of the university to undertake co-creation projects with academic partners. We are delighted to share with you reports from the award recipients, starting with Anni Eerik BA… Read more »

Call for Chapters, Leading Change Together in Global Higher Education

Leading Change Together in Global Higher Education Editors: Cristina Devecchi, Northampton University and Jacqueline Potter, Keele University. The Higher Education sector has seen major changes around the world. From the rise of new universities to the increase in student numbers, universities have had to respond and adapt to top-down national policy and to more external… Read more »

Transforming learning through student research

Dear colleagues, a new article “Transforming learning through student research” has just been published and you may find it useful. Here is an excerpt from it: “Given the huge potential for research of all types to enhance learning outcomes, higher education can benefit from integrating student research activities into curricula at all levels across all domains…. Read more »

Being a magic weaver

At the recently held Service Excellence Conference 2017, Sir John Jones drew on his book “The magic-weaving business: finding the heart of learning and teaching” to inspire attendees to become agents of lasting change. Being a magic weaver may be considered not limited to individuals who can make a positive and lasting difference in the lives… Read more »

British Conference of Undergraduate Research 2017 takes place in Bournemouth

This week Bournemouth University welcomes hundreds of undergraduate students from over 60 universities to present their research as part of the 2017 British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR). The annual conference is an opportunity to celebrate student research from across many different disciplines.  Since 2011, BCUR has been hosted by a different British university, with… Read more »

CESSDA are running a series of webinars, in collaboration with the UK Data Service, on finding data in Europe

<Many apologies for cross posting but this may be of interest to some colleagues> CESSDA are running a series of webinars, in collaboration with the UK Data Service, on finding data in Europe. See details below: How to find data in Europe Wed 17 May 2017, 14:00 CEST (13.00 BST) A wealth of data is… Read more »

Update of BU’s Learning and Teaching Fellowships for 2017/18

Jacqui Taylor, Jonny Branney, Ann Luce and Laura Bunt-MacRury were awarded BU Learning and Teaching Fellowships for 2017/18. They have been engaging in activities and initiatives which support and develop student learning in a range of contexts.  The aims of the BU Learning and Teaching Fellowship Awards are to recognise and celebrate excellent achievement and/or… Read more »

Professor Gail Thomas retires as Head of CEL

Professor Gail Thomas retired from Bournemouth University this week and will be greatly missed by colleagues from the Centre for Excellence in Learning and across the University. Gail had a vision to develop a centre that would harness energy  and provide leadership that inspires excellence in learning. She leaves a legacy of innovative and energetic colleagues from across… Read more »