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Playing Serious Games with Virtual Reality

The vivid experiences created using virtual reality technology offer unsurpassed scenario-based training opportunities. Now easily deployable at sea or on land, seafarers can play “serious games” with an autonomous device that generates interactive games designed to achieve specific training goals. SQLearn has opened up this fascinating world on its Dolphin Platforms, focusing on the seafarer’s… Read more »

Ford is letting some designers build cars in virtual reality

Ford is looking into the possibility of designing cars in virtual reality. The automaker has started experimenting with Gravity Sketch, a tool that allows its designers to draw 3D cars in VR and thereby saving them lots of time in the process. See, vehicle designers start with 2D sketches, which are scanned and rendered in 3D by… Read more »

15 best Gear VR apps to make your VR experience better!

Samsung’s Gear VR is in a bit of an awkward place. It sites between the simpler offerings of Google Daydream and Google Cardboard, but not quite the super ridiculous experience of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Still, it’s an excellent device for beginners to the VR experience. Most apps are available in the Oculus Store… Read more »

15 best VR apps for Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, and Gear VR!

Virtual reality is taking off in a big way. However, it is still a very young industry. There are several VR platforms, including three mobile platforms with Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, and Gear VR. Of course, Google Cardboard is also compatible with other simple, third party VR headsets. These represent the three mobile VR platforms…. Read more »

Samsung wants to bring curved OLED displays to VR

Samsung is throwing a curveball into VR headsets…. or at least, a curve. The technology manufacturer has filed a design patent for a future VR headset, one that makes use of a curved OLED display instead of a flat screen. We’ve already seen high-quality OLED displays in VR with the Samsung HMD Odyssey or VR Hero Plus, while Google is also looking to bring… Read more »

Google’s AI surfs the “gamescape” to conquer game theory

Following on their victory in StarCraft II, Google’s DeepMind researchers lay out a plan to find diversity in players of games to get around the problems of hidden information in game theory. Their work points to a kind of “open-ended learning” that surpasses simple test-taking found in most machine learning. The miracle of AI in… Read more »

Private messages are the NEW (OLD) Social Network

FACEBOOK IS ONTO us. It’s onto me, anyway. I am merely one anecdata point among billions, but I’m sure I’m not the only Facebook user who has found herself shying away from the very public, often performative, and even tiring habit of posting regular updates to Facebook and Instagram. Over the past year I’ve found myself thinking not… Read more »

How to Fix Upside Down iPhone Photos

When you’re taking photos with your iPhone, sometimes you have to finagle your phone a bit to get the right shot by tilting it or holding it on its side to use the volume buttons to snap a picture. But while the photos usually appear right-side up in the iPhone’s Photos app regardless of how you were holding… Read more »

“AI is the next art form,” says VR pioneer Edward Saatchi

Edward Saatchi is the rare VR studio head who doesn’t have much faith in the future of virtual reality movies. That’s what we learned from our conversation with him last year — now, he’s ready to commit to that idea. At Sundance today, Saatchi announced that he’s shifting his company Fable away from virtual reality experiences. (It’s… Read more »

The Rise Of Conversational Interfaces And Their Impact On Business

We’re in the midst of a fundamental shift in how people interact with computers. What started as an impressive novelty has become a trillion-dollar opportunity and a trigger to an arms race between technology’s largest companies to be the go-to solution for voice search. Conversational user interface provides the kind of direct engagement with computers… Read more »