Brightspace: Virtual Classroom update

Please be aware that the Virtual Classroom tool in Brightspace from April 2020 will be changing:


Maximum concurrent users changing from 100 to 50
Stored recordings from 4 months to 14 days
Maximum session recording from 90 minutes to 60 minutes

Please take note of these changes if you are a user of the virtual classroom tool.


For 1-2-1 or up to 50 people online, virtual classroom sessions are still a viable tool for seminars.

Anything longer than a hour is thought to be quite long for a session, so smaller bite sizes that are broken up with other Brightspace tools like quiz’s should be used.

Although virtual classroom is more suitable for smaller groups, the new limits coming in for the 14 day file storage should not be seen as an obstacle.  You are able to download the recording made and then upload it to the content area to keep it permanently  in the unit (Guide:

The session length may be restricted to 60 minutes, but there is no restriction in setting another session to follow that.


Please contact your Learning Technologist for further support.

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