LT team leader Tracey Webb joins the HSS ‘Debbie and John Tech chat’ session

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Virtual Classroom premium; student interaction, breakout rooms, attendance monitors, emoji feedback and snap polls


Today we swapped John for Tracey Webb, the Learning Technologist team leader in our ‘Virtual Classroom Tech chat’ session.  I started by asking Tracey to tell us a little bit about what the LTs  have been up to, supporting us as we go online in a hurry! Tracey talked through some of challenges they have faced, and how they have scaled up innovation- sometimes just a short step in front of us! Here is the video clip of Tracey talking about the tech available to us (first 10 mins of recording):


I then asked Tracey to tell us more about ‘Virtual classroom premium’ – what are the additional benefits?

  • Moderator can get into the 10 minutes earlier and get set up before students can enter
  • We can invite external participants – so lets get thinking about guests we can invite to contribute to our classes!
  • Up to 240 minutes
  • Up to 150 participants
  • Attendance log and no of chat messages they have contributed
  • And the ‘new thing’ breakout rooms! (access through the blue + button) set up rooms, drag and drop participants, (for 2-6 students) set the time – when students are in room, they can see the timer, and their sessions are not recorded.

Link to video clip of Tracey explaining and demonstrating as we tried out the ‘breakout room’ fast forward through to minute 11 onwards and the odd ending is where we head for the breakout rooms!

 Traceys’ ‘top tip’ for making our Brightspace content or announcements page engaging!

Create a short ‘VideoNote’ – record for 2/5 minutes, (you can videonote for up to 30 minutes) perhaps a quick summary of what the session is about, mention the key ideas/theorists/readings/skills you will be covering – like a talking head. There is one of me in the Corona Virus Teachinar Unit announcements…


We then asked Tracey for ideas about getting interactive with our students:

The poll feature (from the blue + action button) very quick, and have the poll question on your powerpoint as slide



And a ‘quick check’  ‘how are the participants feeling right now?’

They click on their name in the participant list and can select from these:

Links to useful information:

Breakout rooms

Attendance log




Thanks Tracey – stay safe all, Debbie and John

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