Brightspace Group Assignments and Collaboration.

Does you unit call for group work?

If so, you probably know that you can create groups to help with student management.

But did you know that in Brightspace, groups can be used for much more.


Group Assignments.

Now Brightspace (large file) and Turnitin assignments can be set up for group submissions.

Any member of the group can submit.

The usual rules apply.

Brightspace: multiple files of any format, maximum 3GB per individual file.

Turnitin: one file, usually Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, maximum 40MB.

Marking is done as usual either with Turnitin feedback studio or Brightspace evaluate, but only once for each group’s submission.

When the grades are released, the mark and feedback will be available for each individual group member.


Group Discussion Forums.

Discussion forums can be useful for student communication, so if you are using groups, why not set up group discussion forums where the group members can discuss and attach files regarding the group project. The teaching team can view the discussions and offer guidance or feedback as required. This could also potentially highlight students who are not engaging with the group for further monitoring.


Group Lockers.

These are shared folders within Brightspace where students can exchange documents, co-create and edit files online and export to HTML, as well as email other members of the group. The teaching team can view the files and offer guidance or support as required.

Lockers are easily set up by selecting the ‘Set up lockers’ tick box when creating the groups.


For more information about using groups, visit the Brightspace Online Learning unit. Click Here

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