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Virtual Avebury Showcase

The Virtual Avebury project will be holding a showcase afternoon between 14:00 – 16:00 on 3rd October 2018 in room F202. Staff and students are welcome to come along, don a virtual reality headset and hand-held touch devices, and experience how Avebury Henge, Wiltshire, might have looked and sounded around 2,300 BCE. You can walk and… Read more » about Virtual Avebury Showcase

How did I get here? Where am I going?

Do you want think about your next career development move, plan activities for the forth coming academic year to feed into your pay, progression and promotion? Staff Development and Engagement Calendar of Events Wednesday 26th September and Wednesday 12th December Developing your Academic Identity

Autumn of 6C: Essential Workshops

6C Essentials: This interactive session will identify what you currently know about 6C, what you need to know and what the next steps are. It will incorporate good practice, the principles and processes of high quality student-centred assessment, learning, and feedback specifically focusing on the move from assessment of learning to assessment for learning (Sambell… Read more » about Autumn of 6C: Essential Workshops

Brightspace Top Tips

Here are some top tips  to use when creating Modules and topics in Brightspace that could help with improving student engagement. Navigation: Brightspace has Modules, Sub-modules and Sub-sub-Modules and so on, think of this as pages folders and folders within folders. Remember the three click rule and keep it simple. Naming Conventions: Clear labeling is… Read more » about Brightspace Top Tips

New midwifery student publication by CEL author

A new text in the popular Midwifery student series, Midwifery Essentials, has been published by CEL staff member Dr Jenny Hall in collaboration with Dr Helen Baston, Consultant midwife in Sheffield. The 6th in the series, this one is around Emergency Midwifery Care and provides up-to-date knowledge for students, and qualified midwives alike, based on… Read more » about New midwifery student publication by CEL author

TEL-zone: Lunchtimes in the Staff Zone

The next two weeks sees the return of the Learning Technologist ‘TEL-zone in the Staff Zone’. From Monday 24th September to Friday 5th October there will be an LT on hand at the big screen in the Staff zone between 12.30-1.30. Come along to learn about the different support options available for learning and developing… Read more » about TEL-zone: Lunchtimes in the Staff Zone

CEL Spam? We’re so sorry!!

Hi Everyone, Our CEL Blog seems to have been caught up in the IT challenges the university has been facing over the last week. Our sincerest apologies for the hundreds of CEL digest emails that may have appeared in your inbox this morning. We are working with IT services to resolve the problem. We do… Read more » about CEL Spam? We’re so sorry!!

Reflecting on your Education Practice

Last week saw the start of the next cohort of the Postgraduate certificate in Education practice, often referred to as the PGCert in the University. As many who have participated in it know this course leads to a recognised teacher certificate as well as to Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (HEA now in AdvanceHE)…. Read more » about Reflecting on your Education Practice

Am I Hired? What does your social media profile say about you?

Colleagues from the University of Lincoln presented a rather innovative tech tool, “Am I Hired?” at the recent ALT Annual Conference, 2018 in Manchester, 11-13 September. 70% of employers profile potential job candidates via online search engines and individual social media sites in order to select an appropriate job applicant (Salm, 2017). Learning Technologists and… Read more » about Am I Hired? What does your social media profile say about you?

Past, Present and Future of Learning Technology: A Review from ALT

The ALT Annual Conference, 2018 was hosted at Manchester University 11-13th September. The keynotes focused on the past, present and future of Learning Technology/Technologists. Dr. Tressie MacMillan Cottom, a digital sociologist at the Virginia Commonwealth University opened the conference with an animated discussion: “Context Matters: When and where we enter with learning technology.” In her keynote,… Read more » about Past, Present and Future of Learning Technology: A Review from ALT