Brightspace Top Tips

Here are some top tipsĀ  to use when creating Modules and topics in Brightspace that could help with improving student engagement.

Navigation: Brightspace has Modules, Sub-modules and Sub-sub-Modules and so on, think of this as pages folders and folders within folders. Remember the three click rule and keep it simple.

Naming Conventions: Clear labeling is important to guide students to the correct content or topic. Create a logical, consistent structure to guide students through the content.

Workflow: Brightspace allows students to work through topics using the Previous/Next icons, position topics in a progressive structure that builds on the previous topic and guides the student through the information.

Templates: When using ‘Create a file’, use the available templates. All the elements can be edited so you can change the images and text, this will help make the topic more visually appealing and give a different look and feel.

Introduce the Teaching Team: There is a template specifically for this and is especially important for new Students.

Descriptions: These can be used at all level, Modules, Sub-modules or topic to provide an introduction or instructions about what students are expected to do with the content.

Personalisation and Video Note: In Brightspace the replace string {firstname} will translate the name of the person logged in. If you don’t feel like typing use a Video Note to quickly record a video of you talking (max 5 minutes).

Quizzes for Self Assessment: Both Brightspace and Panopto have quiz tools and these are a great way for students to quickly check their understanding of a topic, they can review and re-take as often as they like. More Here

Student Progress and Agents: Keep track of student performance and engagement with these Brightspace tools. More Here

For more on these tips Click Here.

For more guidance on good practice using learning technologies and Effective learning design in Virtual Learning Environments Click Here

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