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Summer of 6C: Peer Facilitated Learning

This post was previously published in the Summer of 2016, but there is some useful information here that YOU might find applicable to your own teaching strategy. Dr Susan Way and her team completed a project supported by the CEL Fusion Investment Fund in 2016. The aim of the project was to evaluate the experience of… Read more »

Interesting Blog Posts on AR/VR and Narrative Potential

Here is a selection of interesting articles I have read this week. The immersive technologies in manufacturing report has just been launched and gives an interesting insight into the use of virtual reality in the UK manufacturing sector, an area which is predicted to be worth $160 billion in the next three years. Click here… Read more »

Wearable Tech Gadget ‘BIRD’ turns any surface into a Touch Screen & More

‘Bird’ is a tiny wearable device developed by an Israel-based startup, MUV Interactive that will let you interact with your wall and other surfaces through gestures & touch. Apart from touch, Bird will let users also interact with screens with gestures such as push, pull, drag & drop. It captures motion, proximity to even decode… Read more »

Online Training (PST)

I did my first online PST training with the Guernsey Programme Support team.  Even though I have delivered this training face to face I didn’t know how it was going to manifest in an online environment.  It felt new and strange and I was unsure what to expect.  I was happy and excited to deliver… Read more »

Facilitating with Lego… put in to practice- By Louise Ward

I attended Susanne and Curie’s ‘Facilitating with Lego’ workshop in early June and found it really insightful. There are lots of ways it can be used. It’s great for team building events but could also be used for personal development.  The workshop gave some really good hints and tips of using Lego in group settings… Read more »

Virtual Avebury in the News

Our Virtual Avebury project is in the news this week, on radio and online. We’re in the middle of the 3-month public engagement phase of the project at the Barn Gallery of the Alexander Keiller Museum at Avebury. Since the beginning of June, more than 250 visitors have experienced a fully immersive, 3D simulation of… Read more »

Summer of 6C: Generic Assessment Criteria

Changes are coming to assessment and feedback in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. Programmes will undertake a major re-write of assessments in 2018-2019; there will be extraordinary Faculty Academic Standard Committees (FASCS) across both campuses to bring all units in line with the new assessment and feedback policy, Principles in Assessment and Design: 6C, which states that… Read more »