LEAP workshop with Social Sciences – 27 Jul 18

During today’s Social Sciences Curriculum Development Day we held a LEAP workshop.  This was prompted by several drivers including the departmental revalidation exercise and new programmes/units scheduled for 2020, the more immediate need to consider how the new assessment policy, 6C, can be embedded ready for 2019 and the impetus for change generated from our evolving strategy, BU2025, as well as TEF.

It was a fascinating workshop.  There were many discussions about how units can be structured to provide an excellent student experience, how units can be linked together to form coherent programmes of study and about the different options available for assessment.  In addition to individual unit visualisations, two of the attendees applied the LEAP process to a year long dissertation unit to create a schedule of activity and assessments that support students in achieving success in their dissertation.

The comments from the attendees included:

  • A+
  • Brilliant!
  • Good
  • Great introduction to LEAP which is a really useful tool to plan units and programmes
  • Useful way to overview across units and programmes.  Very helpful
  • Helpful +++
  • Really helpful way to analyse my unit and consider new approaches

Here are the pictures from today:


If you would like to learn more about LEAP, please contact David Biggins.

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