Monthly Archives: August 2016

Using Peerwise with the Paramedic team

CEL attended a meeting of the Paramedic team on Monday to give a presentation on the use of Peerwise to support student learning and engagement.  Peerwise is a free, online application, written by academics in New Zealand, that allows students to create questions that are answered by their peers.  There is more information in the… Read more »

What content can you add to myBU

With the new semester approaching, Library and Learning Support have created an excellent page in the TEL Toolkit which explains the structure of a standard unit and provides links and PDFs of supporting material.  This is really useful information to consider when preparing your units for semester 1 delivery. Click here to access the page. The… Read more »

Fieldnotes: widening participation and organisational learning

Our Fair Access Research project concentrates on the idea of learning and working together to transform higher education. We are interested in how widening participation works differently in different institutions. With this in mind, Maggie Hutchings and Alex Wardrop have been doing some fieldwork with colleagues in the north of England and would like to share some of their reflections… Read more »

Co-creation report: Can a tibial mounted accelerometer be used to detect the impact differences across different footwear during running?

The project was set up with Dr Jonathan Williams, the Physiotherapy BSc (Hons) Programme lead and Oliver Kohout from Loughborough University. It was designed to establish whether or not a Tibia-mounted accelerometer could detect the impact differences between footwear of varying design and bare foot running to reduce knee joint loading and prevent onset or… Read more »

Co-creation report: ‘Share a Coke’

‘Share a Coke’: The influences of content marketing on brand loyalty, by Bao Ngo My final year research project “‘Share a Coke’: The influences of content marketing on Brand Loyalty” aims to enrich our knowledge of the roles of content marketing in shaping the brand image of companies to improve the customer loyalty. This research… Read more »

Using the TEL Toolkit to expand your knowledge

We have been collecting data on staff’s digital skills for the last 6 months and have received 215 responses to date. CEL is using this data to plan how we can configure our resources to best help academic staff in their teaching and learning.  Staff who have completed the questionnaire say it has been useful… Read more »

BU NSS score rises to 82%

Student satisfaction at Bournemouth University has risen by 3% in the independent 2016 National Student Survey (NSS) to 82% – the highest ever figure that BU has achieved since the NSS survey began in 2005. The national sector average has remained at 86%. The NSS, run by Ipsos MORI, surveys final year students across the… Read more »

Co-creation report: Social media ‘on the go’

Social media ‘on the go’: An investigation into the generational gap a research project written by Harry Cutler-Smith, and co-authored with Dr Elvira Bolat. The project’s main aim was to explore the influence of mobile social media has on two different age groups, identify the differences and similarities and fill the gap within academic research…. Read more »

Co-creation report: 3rd Year Adult Student Nurses join the Adult Nursing Interview Panels

Third year adult nursing students were offered the opportunity to join the interview panels for the selection of candidates wishing to gain a place on the adult nursing programme at Bournemouth University. Ten volunteer students were recruited and attended a foundational training programme. Students committed to attending five interview sessions and joined an academic, a… Read more »

Preparing myBU for AY 16-17 – countdown to the start of term

Before academics can start preparing their units in myBU, the units must first be Published (created in myBU) and the staff responsible for the delivery of the unit must be Assigned (attached to the unit). This preliminary stage takes place in the VIS (VLE Information System) and needs to be carried out by staff with knowledge of which units… Read more »