Monthly Archives: August 2016

Let’s talk about anonymisation

Today’s Tale from the field is about anonymisation. Contrary to other items in the researcher’s toolkit, such as scale development or thematic analysis, this is an often neglected point that, for some graduate students, only becomes an issue at the point of publication/reporting. I have been reflecting about this topic lately, given that visual data… Read more »

Co-creation report: BU Pre-Hospital and Emergency Care Conference 2016

Bournemouth University Pre-Hospital and Emergency Care Conference 2016 (♯BUPECC2016) was the first of its kind and was held in Bournemouth House on the 18th June. A small committee, consisting of paramedic science students and programme lead Peter Phillips, planned the project. The concept was to hold an educational, student-led conference with the aim of bringing… Read more »

Widening Participation: reaching for hope and solidarity

Silver Clouds, Billy Kruger and Andy Warhol 1966. The Government grants for students from low-income backgrounds to help provide support with living costs while in higher education have been replaced by repayable student loans. Participation rates have been shown to vary according to whether or not a student received free school meals at the age of 15… Read more »