Paul Cole

Visiting Professor

Paul Cole, partner at Lucas & Co, has over forty years of practice as a patent attorney, is registered to practice before the UK and European patent offices, the UK and European trademark offices and to conduct proceedings for infringement of intellectual property rights before the UK courts. He received an MA in chemistry from Oxford University and an LLM from Nottingham Trent University, and has worked as a patent attorney in both industry and in private practice, becoming a partner in Lucas & Co in 1999. In addition to his professional practice, he has over a 40-year period:

  • contributed articles in publications including BNA’s World Intellectual Property Review, European Intellectual Property Review, Intellectual Property Quarterly, The CIPA Journal and the John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law;
  • lectured extensively concerning legal principles related to the requirements of patent eligibility and unobviousness;
  • written a textbook “Fundamentals of Patent Drafting” published by CIPA in 2006;
  • served an editor of the CIPA Guide to the Patents Acts (6th, 2009; 7th Ed., 2011; and 8th Ed., 2016);
  • in Sequenom v Ariosa contributed an amicus brief before the Federal Circuit and served as lead author of amicus briefs filed by the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys and the European Patents Institute in support of an application to the US Supreme Court for certiorari;
  • contributed numerous guest postings to Patently-O, IPWatchdog, Patents4Life and Patent Docs.

He is a council member of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, is a member of ITMA, AIPLA and UNION, and is a visiting professor in Intellectual Property law at Bournemouth University.

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