Tips for surviving a Master’s

As the workload can increase when comparing an undergraduate course to a postgraduate course, there are many important aspects to consider when heading into a Master’s when it comes to managing that workload, making sure that the workload is evenly spread out and that you are taking enough time off in between when completing the… Read more »

Why I returned to BU for my Master’s

The process of determining whether to move on to a postgraduate course started, for me, at Christmas 2020 when I had just finished the first semester of my final year on BA (Hons) Television Production with the first stage of the process being deciding what postgraduate course would be best suited for me. My primary… Read more »

Preparing for life at university – an undergraduate and postgraduate perspective

There are many aspects to consider when you are moving to university for the first time or returning for postgraduate study, varying across what accommodation you might be staying in (and what key items to bring) or what might be expected of students in the few months prior to the beginning of the course with… Read more »

A day in the life of a postgraduate student

Postgraduate study, in terms of the primary units, bears some similarities to my undergraduate degree (Television Production) and with my fourth year of study shifting back to a fully on-campus experience compared to my third year with this also allowing our course to go fully back onto productions. As we move into semester 2, our… Read more »

Tips on submitting a postgraduate application

There are a wide variety of postgraduate taught and research courses available at Bournemouth University and starting the application for your course can be a stressful process. As a follow-up to my blog discussing postgraduate funding, this blog will go through some key tips when it comes to submitting a postgraduate application and what information is… Read more »

Understanding funding for postgraduate study

As postgraduate students, there are a variety of different options available to prospect students alongside those who studied their undergraduate degree at Bournemouth ranging from student finance to faculty-specific scholarships and in this blog, I will be going through the key aspects of funding for your time on your postgraduate course and what you can… Read more »

Jonathan’s top 5 uni experiences

The first three years at Bournemouth University have given me a wide variety of opportunities both connected to my course and through the social side of the university most frequently through SUBU and in this blog, I am going to go through what have been my personal highlights from my time at BU! 1. Living… Read more »

The Graduate Project: Finishing my TV Production degree

Despite the challenges of having to create a full production completely online, my graduate project has proven to be a very informative experience both bringing together all the key elements from the last three years on my course but also helping me determine where I want to go in the future with my work in… Read more »

A day in the life of a Television Production student

The constantly changing landscape of university has meant many units have had to be adapted to be completed more online than in person, but the overall fundamentals of the units haven’t changed. As a final year Television Production student, we are now moving into the final units of the degree, those being the graduate project… Read more »

SUBU societies: PARTS

The Student’s Union at Bournemouth University offers a wide variety of clubs and societies to its students; ranging from the Film Society to the Poker Society along with the option to create your own if you see a club/society that doesn’t already exist. In this blog, I will be talking about PARTS (The Performing Arts… Read more »