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There are many aspects to consider when you are moving to university for the first time or returning for postgraduate study, varying across what accommodation you might be staying in (and what key items to bring) or what might be expected of students in the few months prior to the beginning of the course with everyone having a different experience depending on their field of study. My personal experience of moving back to Bournemouth for the start of my postgraduate study was different but did present some similarities when it came to deciding what to bring with me.

Undergraduate (Television Production):

Personally, the best way to gather information about a potential undergraduate course and life at university in general, was to attend one of the university’s open days which take place all across the year. There is now also the option to attend virtual open days should you not be able to attend the in-person events.(alternatively with the option of virtual tours and the opportunity to talk to current students on your prospective course available on the website).

The open days were, for me, a great starting point for figuring out what to bring to university for my bedroom and the shared kitchen (with the chance to take a tour of some of the university’s accommodations (e.g Student Village). You also get the chance to find out if your course has any specific requirements/items you might need to bring with you before you commence your course.

The open days also allowed me to try out some of the university facilities to get a taster of the types of equipment that would be used on the course which quickly became a key reason why I chose to study Television Production. Open days are also available for those looking to study a postgraduate course at BU with the next undergraduate open day scheduled for 9 July and the next postgraduate open day scheduled for 29 June which will be a virtual open day.

Bournemouth University – Weymouth House TV Studio

Postgraduate (Directing Film & Television): 

My experience of returning to postgraduate study at university was more relaxed compared to when I arrived for my undergraduate. I chose to stay in the same accommodation as I did for my third year (Oxford Point) and the similarities the Directing course presented to Television Production and having not attended an open day prior to applying for the course.

Simple tasks like creating a list of what may be needed for your kitchen and your bedroom can be very effective. It was very easy to find additional supplies once I had arrived back in Bournemouth from places such as Asda and Wilko which proved to be the best places to go if there is anything extra needed in general or before the term begins. The essentials would be things like cutlery and all the key cooking essentials (which for me during my undergraduate typically carried over from year to year) with an alternative option available through the UniKitOut (a partner to BU) which allows you to buy all the essential items for university and have them delivered to halls to remove any potential hassle when it comes to transporting everything on moving day.

Further ideas and support on what to bring with you whether are soon to start at university or returning to study can be found here.

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