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As the workload can increase when comparing an undergraduate course to a postgraduate course, there are many important aspects to consider when heading into a Master’s when it comes to managing that workload, making sure that the workload is evenly spread out and that you are taking enough time off in between when completing the projects. My postgraduate differed primarily when it came to the number of productions we would be filming during my first course, our first semester had us filming multiple projects up until the Christmas break whereas my postgraduate course only required us to complete one alongside a theory unit, with the crucial difference being the amount of work required to successfully complete it.

Weymouth House TV Studios BTS – 2nd Year


Following my 3rd year of study being fully online with only a select few workshops having us on campus, returning to a course that would now have the learning completely in-person emphasised the importance of managing my workload has also not been on a film shoot since March 2020. An important aspect of filmmaking is scheduling and this became something effective to adopt more when it came to planning out my work, especially in the weeks leading up to a shoot. Figuring out a day-by-day schedule for the week proved to be the most effective whilst also understanding that the plan you may set for your work is likely to change for any number of reasons but no matter what changes it is important to make sure you don’t overwork yourself. Understanding that my mental health matters became more important than ever following COVID-19 and the impact it had on my course during my undergraduate degree, I saw the best way of completing my work as doing a certain amount of hours in a day with my postgraduate study proving that a more effective way of completing my work was roughly determining in the week when a certain section of my work would be done by which came into play most during the writing of essays etc as constantly giving myself specific deadlines during the week proved to more stressful than helpful.

Postgrad Shoot BTS – Semester 2


This method for studying allowed for more freedom when it came to taking breaks in between my work with is an important consideration when completing a Master’s as whilst the work you have to do will always be at the front of your mind, it is very important to make sure to take time to yourself alongside the work to best manage whichever project you have been working on. Going into my final project at university, this structure and the management of it has proven to be more important even given the difference in workload when compared to the other units in my course. The shift in workloads between courses can be intense but figuring out the best plan for yourself early into your studies and adapting it as you go is the most helpful technique when determining how to best survive your master’s course.

Information about where to go and who to contact for academic support for your studies can be found via the link below. 

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