What is ResLifeBU? And its perks!

Choosing between all of the accommodation options at Bournemouth University can be challenging, but luckily living in any of the BU Halls of Residence (full list available here) will give you access to ResLifeBU, including their social events, clubs, and more! My name is Andrew, and in my first year studying at BU, I lived… Read more » about What is ResLifeBU? And its perks!

De-stress with ReslifeBU

Throughout the year BU has loads of events and activities to help students de-stress. Back in January I was invited to document some of the activities that went on around exam time. If you like dogs, you’re in for a treat!


Got an offer to study with us? Fantastic! Here’s how to book accommodation. There are two stages to your new home: Stage 1 Within 24 hours of accepting your offer to study at BU you’ll be able to register for your BU Accommodation Guarantee. This means your place in the BU community is confirmed. You… Read more » about Accommodation

Living in Winton

So Winton is the little area halfway between BU and Lansdowne (where all the first year halls are in town). Basically, most people tend to live in Winton in a shared house for second and final year whether that’s on Alma Road or Frederica. And even though we all reminisce about our ‘halls of residence days’, Winton… Read more » about Living in Winton