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The first three years at Bournemouth University have given me a wide variety of opportunities both connected to my course and through the social side of the university most frequently through SUBU and in this blog, I am going to go through what have been my personal highlights from my time at BU!

1. Living in halls

I was quite nervous about moving in having not lived away from home but these nerves quickly went away during the first week through both meeting my flatmates and finding my course mates who lived in the same accommodation as me. Living in halls was always good for the social side of university whether that was just hanging out in the building common room or going to pre-drinks before a night out. Going into university I hadn’t gone out to clubs much but the teams at both the accommodations and the university would always have something going on whether that was an event at a club or more. Living in halls has proven to be one of the most exciting parts of my university experience further proven by my choice to stay in halls in both my third and forth year.

2. Summer Ball 2019

Summer Ball 2019 was my first experience at a festival type event but ended up being the perfect way to round off my first year at Bournemouth. This event was held at the Bournemouth sports club in Christchurch and was such an enjoyable events thanks to the level of choice given to everyone through musical performances, rides, competitions and so much more. Whilst this event hasn’t gone ahead the last two years due to COVID-19, it is something that is so worth doing as a way to finish off whatever year of university you are in.


No matter how much you were involved with this society, there was always something entertaining and fulfilling you could take away from it thanks to everything that was offered by it. First year, my main experience with this society came through going to see their production of Half A Sixpence with second year then giving me a chance to join the society as part of the backstage crew. Getting to work behind the scenes on some of their regular showcases, with the inclusion of frequent workshops, social events and yet another fantastic show in March 2020, this time round being Chicago. Whilst the society hasn’t been able to do similar events during the past year, there was always something on offer as is a brilliant society for anyone interested in performing.

4.  Working in the television studios

Prior to coming to university, I had had some experience working in studios through my college course but the university took it too a whole new level, especially once the studios in the Poole Gateway building became available for use. Every new production we made as part of course gave me the chance to try out new and unfamiliar roles, with my personal favourite being lighting and my highlight from these units came during second year where I got the chance to work as director in the studio on a drama titled Remote Controlled. Studio work always provided challenges but quickly helped me determine the direction I wanted to go in the television industry thanks to the variety in both roles and production style.

5. The BATV Awards & The BATVAS

Some of the more course specific events ended up having some of the best moments of my time at university with the best being the award shows our course held in 2020 and this year following our graduate project. Whilst this years was more online, it was fantastic to be able to contribute to our show this year through a TV production version of I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here!. Each of these award shows was a perfect encapsulation of why I have enjoyed my course so much through very random and specific awards all tailored to the best parts of my course.

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