Blended and flipped learning: timely resources to support a move to a blended teaching and learning experience

Two experts in the sector, Prof Sally Brown and Prof Kay Sambell, have created some excellent resources to assist staff in moving to a blended mode of delivery.


These resources include ’50 tips for replacements for tie-constrained, invigilated, on-site exams’ and ‘Building bridges to the future: assessment which promotes learning post coronavirus’.


Both are available from Sally Brown’s blog


On the FLIE website you can also find a section on the flipped classroom which fits well with blended learning, and a journal paper by BU academics Maggie Hutchings (HSS) and Anne Quinney (FLIE). The model of face-to-face lectures and groupwork explored in this paper could be replaced by asynchronous on-line lectures and on-line groups facilitated in Brightspace to respond to teaching and learning in the time of Covid-19.


Hutchings, M and Quinney, A. 2015. The flipped classroom, disruptive pedagogies, enabling technologies and wicked problems: responding to ‘the bomb in the basement’. Electronic Journal of e-Learning, 13(2), 106-119.


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