Immersive Technology Articles

Here are three articles from this week, which you may find interesting.

1. First major trial of VR therapy for serious mental health conditions launches.

The first large-scale trial of virtual reality therapy for serious mental health conditions has been launched in the U.K.

Healthtech startup Oxford VR has teamed up with gameChange, a £4 million project funded by U.K. National Institute of Health Research, to test the technology and advance its roll out across the National Health Service (NHS).

Read the full article HERE.

2. An exploration of imersive technology in healthcare.

Immersive technologies have demonstrable benefits across the healthcare sector. Following on from our ‘Immersive Healthcare: Pain and Distraction’ event in July 2019, Immerse UK’s Carrie Wootten shares her thoughts on this growing – and potentially life changing area of innovation.

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3. Using virtual reality could make you a better person inreal life.

If you’ve ever participated in a virtual reality (VR) experience, you might have found yourself navigating the virtual world as an avatar. If you haven’t, you probably recognize the experience from its portrayal in film and on television.

Popular media has brought us characters like Jake Sully in Avatar, Wade Watts in Ready Player One, and Danny and Karl in the Black Mirror episode Striking Vipers.

In these examples, the character’s virtual alter-ego is physically different from who they are in the real world. The connection between the real person and their virtual avatar is called “embodiment”. If you have a strong sense of embodiment when using VR, you might feel as if your virtual body is your own biological body.

Read the full article HERE


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