Next week: Origami workshop and Lego workshop

CEL have worked with interested staff to create a number of workshops using creative approaches in research, education and professional practice.

Our final ones are coming up – come and join us! book your place with Organisational Development

These workshops are hands-on making events to gain skills for you to use these techniques yourself, please click on the links for further details

Lego for envisioning the university of the future

22nd June 10-12.00 @ Talbot

This will provide you a hands-on creative exploration with Lego to debate representations of the university of the future and provide an opportunity to discuss how you can use Lego in the future

Origami for Group Facilitation

21st June 10-12.00 @ Lansdowne

We will make origami that can be used as ice-breakers, for group working based on identifying skill mix, and mindful folding. Curie will bring showcase examples of how origami has been used in other educational settings such as science, maths and design and will bring a range of pre-built origami models.

Book your place on these workshops with Organisational Development

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