Physio Therapy Students’ VR Innovations Workshop

Yesterday physio students at BU had great hands on learning using a variety of VR and AR technologies.


They were fine tuning ideas for an upcoming final year conference they are taking part in.  They had to come up with an original idea using either app, VR or AR systems.  Ideas ranged from VR/AR technology enhanced treatment of phantom limb pain, juvenile arthritis, chronic back ache and even an exercise avatar incorporating AI.


Students enjoyed using the 360 camera, HP Reveal, Zappar, google cardboard (e.g. with Youtube VR heart video) and two Oculus Rift sets.  A firm favourite game on the Oculus was Fruit Ninja (very good for encouraging full range of movement!)


Liz Falconer, David Hunt and Stephen Pyne (from CEL) shared their expertise and were able to advise students about the specifics and feasibility of their ideas.  The workshop was led by Osman Ahmed (HSS).


It was encouraging to see physios of the future being able to make the theory-practice links.

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