Origami workshops

CEL are extending our creativity strand to consider how the creative making process is connected with teaching and learning

Origami is an ancient practice of folding paper and the Japanese form arises from ‘ori’ meaning ‘to fold’ and ‘kami’ meaning ‘paper’. Origami is practiced worldwide and you may be familiar with folded ‘fortune tellers’ and ‘boats’. Origami is a powerful making process to embody sign and symbol in a variety of ways and enables the melding of process and product. It is a potent approach for knowledge making. This workshop is part of a suite of options from the Centre for Excellence for Learning (CEL) on creative pedagogical approaches. Curie Scott is a member of the British Origami Society, origami artist and part of the organising team for an open gathering, aka conference, for presentations on Origami in Science, Mathematics and Education (7OSME).


Come and see how you can use origami, please book email Organisational Development to book

Origami for reflective practice : 15th May

Reflective practice is gaining momentum across all academic disciplines but it is often ephemeral. Connecting it with origami to generate physical models gives reflective practice a more tangible presence. The process and the product can be debated and considered

Origami for group facilitation: 21 June 

Origami is an ideal process for various stages of group working. We will make origami that can be used as ice-breakers, for group working based on identifying skill mix, and mindful folding. Curie will bring showcase examples of how origami has been used in other educational settings such as science, maths and design and will bring a range of pre-built origami models.


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