Audience response systems – an update

A team from CEL, IT and LLS have been looking at our options for audience response systems.  In the past, we have used the Turning Point clickers which have been very successful in some applications.  Dedicated devices to capture audience responses have diminished over time due to their cost and the wide availability of users’ own devices such as phones and tablets.

The team have reviewed the available options and are presenting a proposal to the Technology Enhanced Learning Steering Forum (TELSF) next week.  We will advise how that goes.

The proposed solution will be university wide and cover all our users.  We know that some people, myself included, have subscribed to other audience response systems such as Mentimeter.  As it is the start of term and possibly a time when subscription renewals may be due, we wanted to let you know that a BU-wide solution is proposed so that you could take that into consideration when considering any renewals.

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