Panopto – Now available on all staff PCs

IT Services recently rolled out the Panopto Recorder software to all staff PCs and learning spaces, including the presenter PCs in seminar rooms. It is also available in all Lecture Theatres.

You can use Panopto to record live lectures, or to pre-record lectures and similar activities in advance from your own desktop. You can also use Panopto to record a range of other video and audio content; in one recent example students recorded draft versions of their own presentations during a seminar for peer feedback. Panopto can also be used to make existing video and audio files easily available to students.

You can use Panopto with your existing myBU units, or separately outside of myBU. More information on how staff can access Panopto for the first time is available in the Tel Toolkit.

For some ideas on using Panopto in different ways, see 5 Different Things to Do with Panopto.

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