Monthly Archives: January 2016

TEL Toolkit launch sessions for w/c 1 Feb 16

Click on the image to view the BU TEL Vision video We are delighted to announce the launch of BU’s TEL Toolkit. The toolkit – created by BU staff, for BU staff – has been developed to support you in the application of TEL, including information on ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘who’ to approach for more… Read more »

Service Excellence Conference – 7 Apr 16

The 2016 Service Excellence Conference will take place on Thursday 7 April. At this conference we would like to showcase even more examples of Service Excellence at BU and we need your input to do this. Tell us about your Service Excellence story We know that many exciting things are happening at BU, led by… Read more »

CEL workshop on TEL for SciTech

A few days ago, we held a technology enhanced learning (TEL) workshop for one of the departments in SciTech.  The 2 hour session was run by CEL and the focus was on a number of tools that could be used in teaching in learning, a subset of 4 being chosen from the soon to be… Read more »

What does service excellence mean to you?

Service Excellence is a key initiative for BU and you will not doubt have seen the name around campus and you may well be planning to attend the annual conference on 7th April so what do you understand by the term, service excellence? Some people link the word service with professional services and think service… Read more »

“How Brilliant Are We?”

An appreciative action research project  – Learning from what works.   An asset based approach to Organisational Change. Last year a research team within CEL  undertook a research project, adapting an  innovative method based on  Appreciative Action Research to learn from staff who have received a SUBU “You’re Brilliant Award”,    what  it  is that makes them… Read more »

eMundas project results

aplogies for cross posting, but some colleagues may be interested…. The eMundus project is over: long live the eMundus results!   The eMundus project came to an end in December 2015, following two years of intense work where the project team has been facilitating discussions and awareness raising activities on the relation between Open Education… Read more »

BU to host the next Digital Citizenship Summit UK (DigCitSummitUK)

On 23 January, Bournemouth University will be hosting an international conference that aims to improve how students use technology and interact online. Called the Digital Citizenship Summit UK (DigCitSummitUK), it is a unique conference geared towards safe, savvy, and ethical use of social media and tech. “Digital Citizenship” is an umbrella term used to describe… Read more »

Festival of Learning 2016: Submit proposal by the end of January

If you are looking for a way to showcase and share your teaching and learning research and expertise, have you considered the Festival of Learning? Objectives for the Festival of Learning 2016: To enhance public access to and engagement with BU’s research activities To support regional engagement and strengthen economic and community partnerships, demonstrating the… Read more »

Fair Access and Admissions

As part of the Fair Access Research project, we reviewed the admissions and enrollment data for all applicants to BU between academic years 2010-11 to 2014-15. We wanted to find out if there were differences in application and enrollment for students from different backgrounds. This is because there are significant differences in applications and admissions… Read more »