Service Excellence Conference – 7 Apr 16

The 2016 Service Excellence Conference will take place on Thursday 7 April. At this conference we would like to showcase even more examples of Service Excellence at BU and we need your input to do this.200- 2

Tell us about your Service Excellence story
We know that many exciting things are happening at BU, led by teams who are making a real impact. This could be through service excellence team initiatives, research, teaching, or specific service improvements ideas.

Listening to feedback from last year’s conference we know you enjoyed learning more about the role service excellence plays in all our activities, from the impact our research has on society to the difference it can make to our student experience. So, to highlight the working being done across the university, and to inspire others we would love to showcase your ideas, projects and initiatives at next year’s Service Excellence Conference.

Tell us your Service Excellence story so we can share this with colleagues.

Be in the Service Excellence movie
Perhaps you enjoyed last year’s Service Excellence movie, with Barry’s Excellence Adventure and Nat’s Chats, so much so that you’d like to appear on the big screen yourself. Get in touch and let us know your thoughts and ideas for this year’s screening.

Take a look at the new Service Excellence image
Take a look at what went on last year – view the new Service Excellence image which is a snapshot of the day  – we hope this inspires you to get involved.

Book on the 2016 conference
Click here to book on the conference

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