CIPPM panel at the CPDP Conference 2021

CIPPM / Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence has sponsored a panel at the 14th International Conference Computers, Privacy & Data Protection (CPDP) “Enforcing rights in a changing world”, Brussels 27 -29 January 2021.

The panel “Rethinking opennes in the context of Artificial Intelligence” will be held on Wednesday 27 January at 18:30 (CET).

Chair: Freyja Van den Boom (Bournemouth University)

Speakers: Javier Ruiz (Ruiz Macpherson Ltd), Brigitte Vézina (Creative Commons), Michal Czerniawski (European Data Protection Board) and Maurizio Borghi (Bournemouth University).

The development of algorithms requires access to large amounts of data. Open Data initiatives address the need for access to data to help advance the development and adoption of beneficial AI in society. The PSI Directive has helped to make data held by public sectors open for the use and training of AI systems which is not the case for privately held data specifically human-created works protected by copyright or neighbouring rights. Moreover,
private companies who benefit from access to ‘open data’ are often in a position to create proprietary or quasi-proprietary entitlements around the outcomes of data processing, thereby turning open access into de facto exclusive rights in reverse.

To address the challenges posed by and for AI access to data we may need to redefine what ‘openness’ means.

Following the introduction of an exception for text and data mining in the Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market (2019/790); the proposed panel will discuss

  • the dangers created by unregulated use of AI
  • how the norm introduced by the new copyright directive can be used
  • to mitigate such dangers and
  • enable privately held data to become more accessible, allowing AI to flourish in ways that are beneficial to all stakeholders involved.

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