Katarina Krapež

Visiting Resarch Fellow

Katarina Krapež is Assistant Professor of Law at University of Primorska in Slovenia. Her background includes more than seven years of teaching intellectual property law and related legal courses to students of management, informatics and media. Prior to joining Faculty of Management in 2010, she has served as a legal counsel to the producers of TV content. She holds qualifications from the University of Ljubljana (BA Law), London (MA) and Primorska (PhD).

Katarina’s research interests cover theoretical and empirical studies on copyright and role of law in the information society. She has conducted both independent and funded research on different fields of law. Her recent research focuses on legal aspects of scientific publishing, with emphasis on copyright in science.

In 2016, Katarina defended her doctoral thesis with the title “Contemporary market of scientific journals: in the grip of non-transparent business models and compromises in quality”. For the purpose of this research, she received a scholarship from the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition. In Munich, she conducted a qualitative study, which involved 258 editors of scientific journals from 42 countries. The results of her work provide a comprehensive insight into modern methods of quality assurance and quality evaluation of scientific works.

Katarina is currently on a research leave and holds appointments as a Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management, Bournemouth University.