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Using VR with large cohorts in traditional lecture theatres. VR Diabetes Project- Brief Update

Our new Virtual Reality App has been built and is in the final stages of editing.  It was created in liaison with two diabetic nurse specialists (Dr Janet James- HSS BU and Simone Penfold- Royal Bournemouth Hospital). Daden expertly programmed the software for the app and are providing a package of training and support.    … Read more »

AI- Empathy and Human Interaction. What are the implications for educators?

On Radio 4 this morning Rabbi Jonathan Sacks discussed AI with some of the world’s leading thinkers.   The programme started by highlighting the amazing advantages that AI can bring to the human race. For example, AI will enable cheap and fast diagnosis of medical conditions.  They already have an algorithm that can diagnose 40… Read more »

Anyone Can Teach Series- Part 4- Verbal Feedback.

Welcome back to our “Anyone Can Teach” basic teaching ideas series. This week’s advice comes from Dr Andrew Main. He is a Learning Impact Leader with CEL and local School Governor on behalf of BU.   Tip of the Day: When asked for his top teaching tip, he stressed the importance of using verbal feedback… Read more »

Facilitating with Lego… put in to practice- By Louise Ward

I attended Susanne and Curie’s ‘Facilitating with Lego’ workshop in early June and found it really insightful. There are lots of ways it can be used. It’s great for team building events but could also be used for personal development.  The workshop gave some really good hints and tips of using Lego in group settings… Read more »

Anyone can teach series- 3. Be Prepared!

Welcome back to this nuts and bolts teaching tips series. Last time we thought about the most important part of teaching… caring about the students (and yourself- wellbeing!)   I asked colleagues for their top teaching tips.  Denyse King (one of our wonderful Portsmouth HSS colleagues) replied : “Develop and sustain a reputation for interesting… Read more »

Amazed participants at BUFOL18 CEL event- AR/VR for Education

It was fantastic to witness the marvellous reactions from members of the public who attended our Augmented/Virtual reality (AR/VR) for Education event.   Children were amazed to see a Gorilla come to life when scanning an AR trigger point using HP Reveal.   Some of the best reactions of the day were from the little… Read more »

Anyone can teach. Part 2- Caring!

Welcome back to part 2 of this teaching tips series! In part 1, you found out that anyone can teach! ‎ Now let’s start to unpick the very foundations of what actually makes a good teacher, bit by bit?   I asked my colleagues for their top teaching tips. Several of their comments related… Read more »

Would you like to know how AI works? Want to see it in practice and learn about the legal implications? Do join Dinusha and her team at the Festival of Learning Event

Can an Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot ‘create’ a new work or invention, with the human creator, simply being a facilitator? If so, who owns the creative work or invention? As we move to the next stage of computing and AI, it raises a number of challenges in relation to intellectual property, data, privacy and ethics…. Read more »

Physio Therapy Students’ VR Innovations Workshop

Yesterday physio students at BU had great hands on learning using a variety of VR and AR technologies.   They were fine tuning ideas for an upcoming final year conference they are taking part in.  They had to come up with an original idea using either app, VR or AR systems.  Ideas ranged from VR/AR… Read more »