What did Learning Technologists think of using Virtual Reality with Nursing Students?

This academic year, three CEL Learning Technologists (LTs) have supported four Virtual Reality Deteriorating Patient sessions with Second Year Adult and Mental Health Nursing Students at BU.  Two further LTs were invited to join in with the sessions so that they could learn how to support similar teaching and learning activities in the future (to find out more about the project, please watch the video at the end of this post).

All five LTs agreed to take part in a focus group and were asked the following three questions:

  • What do you think went well today?
  • What challenges were there?
  • How could we use this in the future?

This valuable feedback from “the front line” will be invaluable in shaping future teaching and learning in HSS at BU. This is a summary of their responses:

Advantages Challenges Future Developments
“Most enjoyed it”


“Most students knew what to do.”


“Lots of students found it intuitive and easy to use.”


“It was quick to work through the exercise.”


“The phone version is even easier to load and use.”


“There are lots of positives surrounding student engagement and how students learn in different ways.”


“ The fact students can use the exercises anywhere is great.”

“One felt they were not good with computers so didn’t like it.”


“Some struggled to download the software, especially using Macbooks.”


“If students progressed through in a way we did not expect there was a pathway that didn’t work and they had to start over.”


“With phones you could get the same issues of the variety of versions of software used.”


“We need to be confident that all students can access it, if we set it as a home learning task.”

“You could demonstrate how to download the software in an earlier session to save time.”


“Students could be given the chance to work through the tutorial in an earlier session, then they can focus on the diabetes exercise more easily.”


“You could consider using the PC labs with pre-loaded software.”


“Text in pop up boxes could be clearer.”


“A choice about whether to use mouse or keyboard would be a good enhancement.”


“Once we get multiple scenarios, the initial effort to learn how to use it will be more than worth it.”




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