What to expect from a Clearing Open Day

Firstly, don’t panic! You’ve probably just had some of the most stressful days of your life. I know exactly how you feel because that was me last year. You’ve done the difficult bit; getting offers through Clearing and now you’re coming to have a look round Bournemouth Uni to see if you can see yourself… Read more »

How to cope with the transition between college and uni

Moving from college to university can often seem like a small step to some, but it can also be a big step to others. If it’s a big step however, the best thing you can do is to prepare yourself. A similar transition would have been from school to college where the rules change. The… Read more »

The average cost of a night out

It’s quite a broad question which can be answered in detail or with one simple figure. That one figure being £30. The detailed answer is more complex and so I have written this post specifically for Bournemouth and its students.  So here are my four points to consider when budgeting for a night out: Travel… Read more »

Returning to study after a gap

On a Master’s course it’s not unusual to meet students who’ve finished their undergraduate degrees and gone to work or travel for a year or several before returning to education. After years of exams and studying it’s natural to need a break from academia, whether it’s to explore the world, experience the work place, or… Read more »

From intern to creative planner

BU graduate Rees Hitchcock recently gave an interview to Event Magazine about his placement year. Here’s what he had to say: During my third year at Bournemouth University I undertook a placement year. Knowing I wanted to spend it back in London and kick-start my career in the world of brands and experiences, finding a… Read more »

That extra something on your CV

James Lee has some tips on how you can enhance your career prospects and build your CV… Having been there, done that and got the (Undergraduate) Degree, I feel suitably qualified to highlight the importance of not just developing yourself academically while at University, but also taking advantage of the extra-curricular opportunities too. With competition… Read more »

Cooking and fending for yourself, don’t worry about it!

By Louis Sherman 1st year BU student, BSc (Hons) Applied Geography Being able to cook for yourself, and overall fend for yourself, will become key to your uni life. And although it sounds terrifying, it is actually simple and easy! Personally, I never got too focussed on this part of uni life before I arrived…. Read more »