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Hey guys, its JC again. While doing my Masters in Maritime Archaeology at Bournemouth University, I’ve joined some societies to meet people outside of my course. There are so many clubs and societies to choose from. If you can’t find one that interests you, then you can create one.

What’s Out There 

There are so many different groups that it’s hard to decide what to join. There’s wall climbing, book club, Harry Potter society, Disney society, Archaeology society, football (or as us North Americans call it, soccer), the list just keeps going. When I started signing up for societies, the information I had missed was that SUBU (the Student Union of Bournemouth University), needs to charge a fee for you to be part of these groups. This can be from £1 to £150 to cover the cost of the activity, so when it comes to choosing a club or society, budgeting needs to be kept in mind.

My Selection

I chose to join the Disney society, which involves playing some games and watching a movie every Monday and the Harry Potter society, which involves watching the movies or activities such as a scavenger hunt. They even had a sorting ceremony, for us Potter fans out there. Then there was the Archaeological Society, where I got to meet other people interested in my field of study.

BU-Disney Archaeology-society

Outside the SUBU

There is also a program called Global Buddies. This is a program that you must register onto before September. It involves being placed in a group with people from other countries and doing activities like walking on the pier, doing a puzzle room (like the great escape), as well as large group activities with all the groups joining in for events like trivia night.

How to Choose

What you need to remember is that these societies and clubs are to help you make friends and to give you breaks from your studies. So, think of what you like to do during your past time and find it, or pick something you’ve always wanted to do. Just remember to study hard and have some fun!